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We regularly monitor geotechnical instrumentation on active plant sites, industrial sites and construction sites.  We also monitor geotechnical instrumentation on remote pipeline and facility locations with access only by snowmobile, ATV/UTV/ARGO, or by helicopter.  Our senior technologists have many years of experience troubleshooting and working with a variety of electronic data collection devices.  We can provide locally available monitoring services to clients based in Calgary, Vancouver and elsewhere.


We have some of our own monitoring equipment, or we can use specific equipment as supplied by our clients, for monitoring of the following types of geotechnical instrumentation:


  • Slope inclinometers/Slope Indicators.


  • Strain gauges installed on pipelines, bridge piers, buildings, pilings.


  • Pneumatic and vibrating wire piezometers.


  • Groundwater well dataloggers, monitoring wells and standpipes.


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