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(Resumes available upon request)

Dusty McDonald, P.Eng. (BC, AB)



Dusty has been working as a geotechnical engineer on projects throughout northern British Columbia, northwestern Alberta and parts of the southern Yukon since 1997.  These projects have primarily included slope stability assessments for pipelines, roads, oil and gas lease sites, and cut blocks (forestry), as well as investigations for geotechnical design of HDD pipeline river crossing projects, and foundation design of industrial, commercial and residential developments.   He has undertaken geotechnical design, route selection, erosion protection and general geotechnical feasibility assessments for various road and pipeline projects including directionally drilled (HDD) river crossings, aerial river crossings, routing in mountainous areas and construction in low-lying areas, muskeg and discontinuous permafrost.

Dusty has undertaken geohazard and slope stability assessments in various parts of northern British Columbia, as well as northwestern Alberta, ranging from site-specific bare-earth LiDAR and aerial photo analysis with field review for landslide-prone areas, to large-scale aerial photo mapping and LiDAR interpretation projects related to proposed LNG installations.  He has also provided geohazard identification, preliminary feasibility and route refinement for proposed LNG pipeline routes in mountainous terrain across parts of northern BC, with a focus on landslide prone areas and potential river crossings for large diameter pipelines.

Working as part of an engineering and construction team, Dusty has sought out and brought together the skills of other senior engineers, construction specialists and scientists in various locations to solve multidisciplinary technical problems.

Dan Matthews, C.E.T.

Dan is a senior engineering technologist who has been working with us since 2012.  He has both a Civil Engineering Technology degree from SAIT (Calgary), and a Computer Engineering Technology degree from NAIT (Edmonton).  He also has a broad range of practical experience in construction monitoring, geotechnical engineering and oil and gas service equipment maintenance.  Dan has a strong background in soil and rock classification, materials testing and engineering, and operation of electronic monitoring equipment.


Dan also has substantial experience providing site supervision services, including work as a ground disturbance supervisor on pipeline maintenance and geotechnical drilling projects, quality control and environmental monitoring, and completion of daily inspection, cost tracking and safety reports.  He has many years of experience in northern BC and Alberta installing and monitoring geotechnical instrumentation such as Slope Indicators, strain gauges and piezometers.  Dan also has experience locating buried pipelines and has conducted depth-of-cover surveys at creek crossings.



Tom Webster, G.E.T.


Tom is a senior engineering technologist who has been working with us since 2017.   He has an extensive surveying background and a Geomatics Engineering Technology degree from BCIT (Burnaby, BC).  For more than 25 years, he has worked throughout northern British Columbia as a surveyor and site supervisor on oil and gas as well as civil construction projects.  Tom has a strong background in mapping, and has worked with various types of digital mapping, aerial photography and LiDAR to identify potential access road and pipeline routes, and oil and gas well site locations. 


In the field, Tom has also provided site supervision services, managed survey and construction crews, and scouted pipeline and road routes in areas with identified geotechnical hazards.  He has many years of experience working and managing construction crews in remote field locations with difficult access and limited communication.  Tom also has experience locating underground pipelines, performing depth-of-cover surveys at creek crossings, and monitoring geotechnical instrumentation including Slope Indicators and strain gauges.



Sandra McDonald, B.Sc., M.Ed.


Sandra is our office administrator, bookkeeper and secretary.  She maintains our website, monitors accounts payable/receivable, and is our office check-in person when we are working in the field on remote sites, or travelling long distances between projects.  Sandra works with our safety consultant, maintains our ISN and Complyworks certifications, and undertakes clerical and data entry work as required.

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