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We provide on-site supervision services for owner-clients on projects with challenging geotechnical and logistical conditions.   We can provide locally available site supervision services to clients based in Calgary and other major centres.  Our staff has extensive experience in geotechnical drilling and other site investigation activities, and we frequently provide specialized supervision services for owner-clients and other consulting companies as the on-site ground disturbance supervisor.


In the general site supervision role, we can provide the following services on small-scale earthmoving projects:


  • Supervision, geotechnical support and cost tracking for repair and maintenance of roads, pipelines and well sites damaged by flooding, erosion and landslides.


  • Schedule planning, cost estimating and resource procurement for site grading/recontouring, construction of specialized drainage works, construction and scaling of rock slopes.


  • Definition of scope of work, coordination with regulatory and utility agencies, evaluation of progress toward schedule milestones, daily quality control monitoring and follow-up support subsequent to completion.


  • Technical liaison between owner-client and contractors.


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