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  • Terrain/geohazard and slope stability assessments, including interpretation of LiDAR, satellite imagery and aerial photography.


  • Pipeline integrity support:  rapid response geotechnical services for landslides, erosion and flooding.


  • Geotechnical risk assessment of existing and proposed pipelines.


  • Field scouting of proposed pipeline rights-of-way and identification of access routes.


  • Route selection for new pipeline rights-of-way and other linear corridor developments in areas of landslide-prone terrain and steep slopes.


  • Pipeline river crossing site and methodology selection.


  • Geotechnical investigations for directionally drilled trenchless (HDD) and conventional open cut pipeline river and creek crossings.


  • Geotechnical design of erosion protection and sediment control structures, as well as other in‑stream infrastructure developments.


  • Geohazard identification and route refinement for proposed LNG pipeline routes in mountainous terrain across parts of northern BC, with a focus on landslide prone areas and potential river crossings for large diameter pipelines.

  • Meetings and technical discussions with regulatory agencies.

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